I'm Brazilian. Christian.

I love X-Files and both Mulder and Scully. I think they have the most beautiful love on tv and Chris Carter is a genius!

I love House and I don't care for ships on this show, except for Hilson in a friendship level.

I ship Kurt and Blaine HARD! And I'm also completely in love for Blaine Anderson.

I'm now a little obsessed for Darren Criss... he's kind of amazing and lighten up my days like a motherfucker lamp.

Shows I'm watching now: X-Files, House, Once Upon a Time, Chuck, Glee (next season maybe I'll be moving to klaine-edits... This show... I s2g), Supernatural, White Collar, Bones, The Office...

I blog about all this and anything that catches my attention.

My english sucks and you can correct me anytime if you want to... I'll love you forever.

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"No matter what you do to me you can’t change the fact that you will never feel true love for yourself." 

(Source: light-wayy)


There was such love that grew & grew and built and built…..I mean, it was so beautifully done, well written & sweet.