I'm Brazilian. Christian.

I love X-Files and both Mulder and Scully. I think they have the most beautiful love on tv and Chris Carter is a genius!

I love House and I don't care for ships on this show, except for Hilson in a friendship level.

I ship Kurt and Blaine HARD (the real ones... not that thing glee is doing since middle season 3... also... do a favor for yourself and don't watch glee... it's not worth it)! And I'm also completely in love for Blaine Anderson.

I'm now a little obsessed for Darren Criss... he's kind of amazing and lighten up my days like a motherfucker lamp.

Shows I'm watching now: X-Files, Orphan Black, Once Upon a Time, Supernatural, White Collar, Bones, The Office, Breaking Bad, Orange is the new Black, Downton Abbey, Sleepy Hollow, The Fall...

I blog about all this and anything that catches my attention.

My english sucks and you can correct me anytime if you want to... I'll love you forever.

For more go to my "about me".


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